Microwave Society

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microwave society Microwave Society

How long are you prepared to wait?

I think we’re all aware that in the 21st century, life is faster than ever; and with the advent of smart-phone tech driving social-media Apps like Twitter, Snap Chat & Instagram, it’s safe to say we live in very fast times. Is this a good thing, a bad thing or a combination of both… let’s discuss.

Mobile device technology keeps us up-to-date with the world as and when events take place. It’s actually quicker to get receive breaking news on the move than it is to wait for tomorrows’ newspapers and/or TV broadcast.

Television shows like The X-Factor in-part are to blame for the so called “just add water” phenomenon e.g. from scratch, to in 6-months-superstardom; it is literally an automated factory-line.

Positive or Negative?

Has the X-Factor and similar contests/reality shows led to people expecting more whilst being prepared to work less? Is this depriving the next generation of the positive feeling of having & achieving long term goals? I personally feel more rewarded when a goal is achieved purely by hard work.

It seems as though the world famous Auto-Tune (Melodyne) and their ilk have allowed the talentless to stay talentless and not perfect their craft, as technology will do it for them… and the trend is spreading.

The youth of today want to “blow up” but expect somebody else to build their bomb AND light their fuse. That’s my opinion, what’s yours?

Story by: Mista I.D. for @BeatsByNature