Need to knows

Here at BBN, we are inspired by success and will do as much we can to help you on your way. Here are few things we feel you need to know in order to use our service – and a few freebies that you can use for your career.

  1. If you’re an artist it is important to know who owns the right to the music you release. This will give you an understanding of your scope for movement as an artist and help you avoid future legal troubles. FYI: BBN owns all downloadable content on the Beats By Nature website and associated social media sites (e.g. Soundcloud, YouTube etc.) unless you have purchased and/or negotiated an Exclusive License.
  2. If you are a brand new Artist, or an Artist without a budget, BBN has a selection of Free Instrumentals for you to get started with. Our Free Instrumentals have been produced to the usual high standards that we here at Beats By Nature are proud to uphold. Our Free Instrumentals come without any voice tags, so as soon as you get one, you’re good to go! (You’re Welcome btw…) All we ask in return is that you spread the word about Thanks!
  3. BBN offer online mixing and mastering services, so once you’ve recorded that hit song, get in touch with us for more details and hopefully we add that final “magic”.
  4. We know you like what you hear on the site, but if you want a more personal touch to your production, BBN also offer bespoke production services. Get in touch to discuss the specifics and get your project underway!
  5. We will help promote the songs you create with our Instrumentals on our Featured Artist Page, our social media and any other means at our disposal including word of mouth (not to be underestimated…).